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Portable Sanctuary Vol. 2

Format: Digital download
Release Date: August 25, 2016
Cover Art: James Reeves
Design: Tiffany Lin

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  1. Union Pacific (Kikuchi, Dempster, Varner, Horist)
  2. RegradeĀ (Kikuchi, Dempster, Varner, Horist)
  3. 1911 (Kikuchi)


Paul Kikuchi: musical direction, percussion
Stuart Dempster: trombone, conches
Tom Varner: french horn
Bill Horist: guitar


Recorded by Bob Schwenkler and Paul Miller
Mixed and mastered by Paul Kikuchi

Thanks to 4Culture, The Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, and Sound Transit for making this recording possible


Recorded live in Seattle’s historic Great Hall at Union Station, Portable Sanctuary Vol. 2 is an expansive sound world of brass, percussion, and prepared guitar – steeped in the rich reverb of what is perhaps Seattle’s most illustrious architectural space.


Portable Sanctuary is led by percussionist and composer Paul Kikuchi. With a rotating cast of collaborators, Kikuchi explores his interest in site-responsive improvisation, unconventional sound making devices, and the elasticity of time and space.



Portable Sanctuary Vol. 2