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Portable Sanctuary Vol. 3

Duration: 8:00
Format: Lathe cut 7″ record
Edition: 10
Release Date: August 25, 2016
Cover Art: Paul Kikuchi
Design: Tiffany Lin

Out of Print


  1. Side A (listen to excerpt)
  2. Side B (listen to excerpt)


Paul Kikuchi: percussion and musical direction
Tom Swafford: violin

Aaron Shallenberger: Additional percussion


Recorded by Doug Haire at the Jack Straw Productions
Mixed by Doug Haire


Portable Sanctuary Vol. 3 offers a sparse yet rich sound-world constructed of Kikuchi’s invented metallophone instruments, amplified sawblades, and the brilliant violin work of Tom Swafford. Not available digitally, this direct lathe cut 7″ record is limited to 10 copies.


Portable Sanctuary is led by percussionist and composer Paul Kikuchi. With a rotating cast of collaborators, Kikuchi explores his interest in site-responsive improvisation, unconventional sound making devices, and the elasticity of time and space.

Portable Sanctuary Vol. 3