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Steve Peters – Canções Profundas

Duration: 55:11
Format: CD and digital download
Edition: 300
Release Date: August 25, 2016
Cover Art: Courtesy of the artist
Design: Tiffany Lin

Download, CD Bandcamp


  1. Islands
  2. Community
  3. Journey
  4. Arrival
  5. Coda


Steve Peters: field recordings, electronic processing, alto saxophone
Rafael Carvalho: viola da terra
Lesli Dalaba: trumpet
Beth Fleenor: clarinet, bass clarinet
Paul Kikuchi: percussion
Joshua Parmeter: electronic processing
Naomi Siegel: trombone
Greg Sinibaldi: tenor saxophone, bass clarinet


Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Doug Haire at the Jack Straw Cultural Center


Canções Profundas (Deep Songs) is a soundscape composition for field recordings and improvising musicians on the themes of migration, diaspora, memory, identity, and emotional/cultural ties to place, weaving together the journey of Azorean immigrants and my own journey in search of a lost heritage. Combining elements of narrative, documentary, and folk and experimental musics, it consists of a vivid multi-layered mix of environmental sounds and music recorded in the Azores, and occasional electronic processing. Beginning with the primal sounds of simmering geothermal pits and ocean waves gurgling in lava tubes, the piece progresses to the natural world of animals, to the human world of agriculture, religious ceremonies, and community celebrations, following whales across the ocean to a distant land where the culture takes root and tenaciously survives, and ending in the cemetery where my ancestors are buried.


Steve Peters makes music and sound using environmental recordings, found/natural objects, electronics, acoustic instruments, and voices. He performs with the Seattle Phonographers Union, and works as a freelance producer, writer, and curator. Since 1989 he has been the Director of Nonsequitur, a non-profit organization presenting experimental music and sound art, currently via the Wayward Music Series at the Chapel Performance Space in Seattle.

Canções Profundas